Welcome to Phillips Psychology

Helping you move to what matters

Who I help

Right now it’s really tough.

I help anyone who feels stuck. It might be to do with the past, present or future. They might feel like they have no one else to talk to, or like they’ve tried everything else. 

What I do

Often small insights and ideas can make really big differences.

I work with people to figure out what matters to them. Then I help them make a plan, to move in a direction aligned with those values. It’s more about direction than perfection, as their journey continues long after our time together.

How I work

It’s a safe space to talk about anything and everything.

I have a relaxed and real approach. Although the work we do is tough, I use lightness to create a space where no subject is off limits. I also bring an evidence-based view, which means the therapies I use are proven to be effective.

This is me

My name is Nathan Phillips and I am a Senior Clinical Psychologist. I work with people who feel stuck, helping them to figure out both what matters to them and how they can move in a direction aligned with their values.

Who I am

My name is Nathan. I practice as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Hutt Valley, previously working in the public sector and now in private practice. I grew up in Wellington, and after a stint in Auckland and travelling overseas, came back to raise a family. I am married with two kids, play cricket with a passion, and feel honoured and privileged to be helping others in my work.

Where I work

I offer private sessions at Winslow House in Lower Hutt on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I work with individuals, through organisations, and am registered with ACC to provide psychology support through Sensitive Claims and other ACC contracts.

Where I’ve worked

2016 – 2020
Community Mental Health
Hutt Valley DHB
2011 – 2015
Children and Adolescent team
WellStop Lower Hutt
2007 – 2011
New Zealand Defence Force
Devonport Navy Base & Headquarters Wellington

What qualifications I have

2013 – 2015
PGDip in Clinical Psychology
Victoria University of Wellington
2005 – 2006
Master of Science
Massey University
2001 – 2004
BA BSc Hons
Victoria University of Wellington

What training I’ve done

Focused ACT, Bruce Arroll, 2019
ACT Conference, Canberra 2019
ACT Workshop, Kelly Wilson, Canberra 2019
ACT Intensive Workshop, Melbourne 2018
ACT for Trauma, Russ Harris, Auckland 2018
Intro to ACT, Ben Sedley & Giselle Bahr, 2018
Mastering the Clinical Conversation, Matthieu Villatte, 2018
Introduction to DBT, Auckland 2016
Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR, Dolores Mosquera, 2019
New Zealand EMDR Conference, 2019
Advanced EMDR Training, Tom Flewett & Astrid Katzur, 2019
New Zealand EMDR Conference, 2018
EMDR Weekend 2, Tom Flewett, 2017
EMDR Weekend 1, Tom Flewett, 2016
Treating Complex Trauma, Leah Giarratano, 2017
Treating PTSD, Leah Giarratano, 2017
Working with Voices, Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor, 2016
Children with Sexual Behaviour Issues, Jane Gilgun, 2011
How to Effectively Work with Developmental Disorders, Frances Steinberg, 2011

What affiliations I have

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Reg. No. 90-03836)
NZ College of Clinical Psychologists (Member)
EMDR NZ (Advanced Training)
ACC Sensitive Claims Provider (16GLNY)
NZDF – LTCDR in the Navy Reserves
NZ representative on the Board for the ANZ ACBS

Say Hello

Feel free to contact me to check availability.
contactme@phillipspsychology.co.nz/021 590 951